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  • Dawkins (partial) apology

    The Right To life Charitable Trust

    Professor Richard Dawkins apologised in late August for tweeting that it would be immoral for a mother to continue with a pregnancy if she knew that the foetus had Down’s syndrome.

    However, Dawkins still asserted that abortion was the correct choice based on his own morality, which is to increase the sum of happiness and reduce suffering, as he believes it is immoral from the child’s perspective not to abort the baby.

  • Winston: in context

    The Right To life Charitable Trust

    Fertility pioneer and Labour Peer, Lord Winston, has reversed his position and voiced his support for the introduction of three parent IVF, it was reported in late August.

    In an interview with The Times, Lord Winston claimed that his previous comments indicating his opposition to the techniques were quoted out of context. He asserted that he will vote in favour of the regulations when they are debated in the House of Lords.