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The government is proposing new minimum standards for academies, free schools and independent schools which demand that they ‘actively promote’ equality, as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

Coalition for Marriage

The Coalition for Marriage believes this places huge pressure on these schools to promote same sex marriage. David Cameron and many others justify redefining marriage on the grounds of equality.

The government will ultimately be able to close any school which fails to comply. Its proposed Independent School Standards regulations apply to academies, free schools and private schools. Government ministers are also arranging with Ofsted for the same requirements to apply to schools maintained by a local authority.

A recent government consultation document says that the new rules mean schools must challenge parents who express opinions contrary to ‘British values’, but the Department for Education seems to think British values are synonymous with political correctness.

The government claims that the changes are needed in response to the recent ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal, but forcing all schools to promote same sex marriage does nothing to stop the extreme ideologies which were revealed in Birmingham.

Please take action by contacting your MP today.