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  • New CEO


    Christian Witness to Israel, the international mission to the Jewish people, which was founded in 1842, has appointed Joseph Steinberg as its new Chief Executive Officer from July 1.

    Joseph grew up in a Jewish home in the USA and as a teenager, after searching the Old Testament scriptures, became convinced that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

  • Yes to life

    The Christian Institute

    In late June, the UK’s highest court dismissed an appeal to allow doctors to assist in suicides.

    The case involved the family of Tony Nicklinson – who died in 2012 and could only communicate by blinking and nodding – and Paul Lamb, who is paralysed, and another man who wanted to travel abroad to die in a Dignitas clinic. Judges ruled 7-2 to reject their appeal, with Lord Sumption noting that legalising assisted suicide ‘would be followed by its progressive normalisation, among the very old or very ill’.