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  • Egypt: arrested

    Barnabas Fund

    A Christian man has been arrested following complaints by Muslim neighbours that he was using his home as a church without a permit, it was reported in May.

    The 55-year-old man from Minya in Upper Egypt, where Christians are particularly vulnerable to persecution, was arrested once before, in 2011, for the same offence. Every church building in Egypt requires a permit, but these are notoriously difficult to obtain and the Christian community has a woeful lack of places to meet for worship.

  • Egypt: honoured church

    Release International

    The story of persecuted Christians in Egypt has been honoured with an award by the UK Christian Film Festival, it was reported in May.

    While journalists were being turned away from Egypt, the filmmakers used a cheap camera to film Amazing Grace. It documents a wave of attacks against Christians by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It won Best Informational Video and highlights remarkable stories such as just faith and soapy water held by a bishop turning away an angry mob intent on destroying a church building.