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Ukraine: on the brink of war in Europe?

February 21 and 22, 2014 were the most turbulent and rapidly changing 24 hours that we have ever lived through. Based in Eastern Ukraine, we watched first-hand how Ukraine went through a national political revolution that shocked us all by its power and pace.

Two Christians serving in Ukraine

Figure Image
Ukrainian pastors praying together in the city square in the early hours of the morning

The revolution followed weeks of street protests and violence after the previous regime, under pro-Russian President Victor Yanukovich, rejected the signing of an Association Agreement with the EU last November, choosing Russian help instead. This sparked initially peaceful demonstrations on the Maidan (‘square’ in Ukrainian) in support of European integration for Ukraine, but these morphed into anti-corruption and pro-democracy forces after heavy-handed police tactics to beat peaceful students with riot squads in the middle of the night.