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  • Labelled racist

    The Christian Institute

    Parents at a Staffordshire school were told their children would be punished for racism – using a ‘Racial Discrimination’ note attached permanently to the child’s school record – if they missed a trip to a workshop on Islam, it was reported in late November.

    The information was given in a letter, which was in part later apologised for by the head. The County Council reminded her about the parental right to withdraw children from religious activities.

  • Edward Malcolm


    Edward Malcolm, Presiding Bishop of the Church of England (Continuing), died on November 17.

    The church was founded in February 1994 in reaction to the use of the Alternative Service Book and to the ordination of women. It holds to the unmodified Thirty- Nine Articles and to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. The funeral took place on December 4 at Darlington Street Methodist Church, Wolverhampton.