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North & South Korea: crossing the great divide

‘There used to be 3,000 churches in the North of Korea — more than in the South’, observes Operation Mobilisation’s Northeast Asia Regional Leader, Gim SuYong. ‘Many pastors in the North left and started some of the biggest churches in the South. In fact, my own fellowship started that way. But 70 years ago the country was divided into two: North Korea and South Korea.’

Debbie Meroff, Operation Mobilisation

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North Korean soldiers on parade

For the last seven years Gim SuYong has partnered with the church in leading a Bible study among North Korean defectors. Approximately 25,000 North Koreans now live in South Korea, he says, and every year 3,000 more come through China. For two years Gim SuYong was designated by the Korean Church Council as leading pastor of a Korean defector camp. He has met several thousand men and women who have chosen to escape the North.