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What do we teach?

The simple and right answer is the Bible!

But I wonder which bits. Most of us have a bias towards teaching our ‘favourite’ bits. I have also come across people who love to go for the most challenging parts and for no other reason than the fact that most would never dare to try. Having recently spent a week teaching Revelation (the book) to a great group of young people I could be accused of daring.

Youth Leaders Dave Fenton

God and Satan

The whole experience was both challenging and rewarding and raised many issues. I think the most significant was their understanding of God. Many face issues where Satan’s activity rears its ugly head in their lives. To know that God is on the throne and Satan is permanently defeated makes a huge difference when you sometimes think that bad things and bad people always seem to win. When put in proper context I was surprised how easy they found it to get the big picture from the book — God was very gracious in revealing himself in that way to that group of young people.