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Redeeming Christians

Many of us find ourselves with mixed feelings about Christmas.

Notes to Growing Christians David Jackman

On the one hand, it should be a time for unstinted celebrations, as we remember how God broke in to our history of time and space, with the beginning of the fulfilment of his great eternal plan for the salvation of the world. Unto us is born a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord! Yet on the other hand, the annual celebrations of Mammon, which began way back in early October, reach their manic climax, in an avalanche of must-haves, must-dos and must-gives, which leave us on the wrong foot. We don’t want to be Scrooges, negative and ungenerous; we don’t want to withdraw into a holier-than-thou piety; but we don’t want to be drowned in the tidal wave of the winterval festival which is Xmas.