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Christmas - all ready?

If you think that writing about Christmas in October is a bit early, it’s even worse for me — I’m writing at the beginning of September, I’ve just dropped off Ollie for his first day at school, the sun’s still trying to shine and I’m still in shorts.

The Music Exchange Richard Simpkin

As musicians, Christmas can take us by surprise, despite all the early warning signals in Tesco’s. Writing this article has prompted me to look in my diary and I’ve noticed with horror that I’ve already got 13 carol services booked in for this December — six of them are over two days, so this term I’m determined that I’m going to be ready! Also, I know that at the end of a long term I’ve got to have enough energy in the tank to survive the Christmas season. The key? Be prepared! I was a cub scout with the 1st Hednesford Pack, and though I was never a sixer, or even a seconder, I remember the motto well, even if I haven’t always heeded it.