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Ray Franz, 1922-2010

On June 2, Raymond V. Franz passed away peacefully following the effects of a fall and subsequent brain haemorrhage suffered on May 30. Ray is survived by his much loved and devoted wife, Cynthia.

Richard Cotton

Not a few readers of EN will recall this brave man who served for decades in the Watchtower Movement (Jehovah’s Witnesses) as a missionary, elder, leading writer and finally membership of the so-called Governing Body at the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn. Possessed of a sharp mind, Ray was involved in the writing of many of the cult’s publications, but his personal crisis emerged during the production of a massive volume entitled Aid to Bible Understanding. A keen researcher, Ray suddenly found that many of the core beliefs that were bedrock to the Watchtower’s superstructure were not supportable either by secular history or, in some cases, Scripture itself.