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The Lord's supper

For many, the arrival of the communion cup or the offer of bread can generate feelings of confusion and frustration in not knowing what to ‘do’ or how to ‘take’ the bread and the wine in a reverent and helpful way. A biblical understanding is of great benefit here.

Natalie Brand

Not meant as a ‘how to’ guide, this acronym is a simple mental resource that can guide us towards an appreciation of the Lord’s Supper in line with Scripture. Let me introduce it to you. The accompanying Bible texts should also be memorised in order to maximise the acronym, allowing God’s Word to renew a passion in us for this spiritually nourishing ‘Christ-feast’. If one chooses to bring it to mind while participating in Communion, this should be done carefully and prayerfully so that it does not overly distract or create any ideas of religious formula.