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Shutter Island

The story makes for excellent escapism, and moves at a swift enough pace to never leave the audience with sufficient time to dwell on each successive fragment of the plot, which becomes ever more complicated as it apparently takes shape and the big picture materialises. Every technical aspect of the film on its own is exceptional. The cinematography is noticeably flawless, the performances are all top-drawer and there are genre references galore. Were Alfred Hitchcock alive today he might almost have the right to call Scorsese a copycat!

Peter Marsay

SHUTTER ISLAND Director: Martin Scorsese Cert. 15

Martin Scorsese’s latest picture reunites him with his now regular collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio, who takes the lead role of Teddy Daniels, a US Marshal in 1954 on assignment to the remote Shutter Island, home to a secure facility for deranged criminals, where a murderess has escaped from her seemingly inescapable cell.