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It takes the audience through the life of Eric Morecombe, describing how he and Ernie Wise got together and became household names for over 20 years. The evening is peppered with Morecambe and Wise quips, songs and familiar routines. Ernie appears as a ventriloquist’s dummy, which works very well. It is humorous, informative regarding Eric’s life, but ultimately quite challenging. Eric had a heart problem but kept on working despite two major heart attacks. What drove him to do this? It wasn’t the money. It was rather that his work as an entertainer had come to define him — the funny man the crowds adored — and he couldn’t stop performing.

Adrian Creedy

Bring me sunshine

MORECAMBE By Tim Whitnall Theatre tour

Morecambe — a one-man show touring England until July — is a good night out. Often it can be hard to fully recommend a play, but this is one occasion on which it can be done.