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Unless they are incredibly bright, most young people hate examinations as they encroach on their busy social lives. As youth leaders, there are lots of ways of handling this season. We can sit at home and moan that our young people have deserted us as attendance levels plummet. But exams are part of their life and are therefore, by definition, able to be approached in a Christian way and we can help them handle them in a way that helps them grow.

Youth Leaders Dave Fenton

I’m sure we’ve met the young person who, having done little or no work throughout the year, spends a night in prayer asking God to fill his brain with all the ideas and facts he should have learnt from his books. A chance there, maybe, to talk about work being pre-Fall and something which God honours — maybe there’s a teaching series of four in that. Parents have hopes and dreams about their offspring and we should never try to compete with the demands parents will sometimes make on students who are idle and need to learn the discipline of hard work. But maybe we can learn to work with parents during this season when the family is often under pressure. We had five nearly consecutive summers where our children were involved in public exams.