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Contemporary clarity

In dealing with the more difficult questions, many apologists these days are tending to give ground. The Open Theism movement is one example — God can’t really be held responsible. But, with an eagle eye ready to spot such compromises as I read, Orr-Ewing came through very commendably in this book. She is clear about the reality of hell. She is clear that suffering was not originally part of God’s good world but is the result of the Fall. She is clear that Christ alone saves.

John Benton

By Amy Orr-Ewing
IVP. 136 pages. £4.99
ISBN 978-1-84474-301-8

I suddenly realised that this is a great book and that we had somehow neglected to review it in |EN|. Forthwith, upon reading, I rushed to my computer...

Amy Orr-Ewing is an apologist of very high rank. In this book she takes on most of the classic objections to Christianity, plus questions which have more recently pressed there way into the limelight: Isn’t belief in God dangerous? Isn’t God a delusion? etc. She answers them with clear biblical rationality.