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It has eight main chapters. Following a succinct introduction, we are conducted from Calvin’s childhood, through his conversion, and his first sojourn in Geneva, to Strasbourg where he spent a few happy years and was married. On his return to Geneva, his great work of reforming the church gathered momentum. In chapter six, we read of Calvin, the man. He is well known as the pastor/preacher/theologian, but insights into his personal and private life give a more rounded picture.

David Ellis

Geneva’s minister whose thinking changed the world
By Kenneth Brownell
Day One. 128 pages. £10.00
ISBN 978-1-84625-131-3

Kenneth Brownell is always worth reading. This latest in the Travel with series is a delight, thoroughly researched and the finished product is excellent. To fit so much documented material in such a relatively small book is no mean feat. It is a must for lovers of Calvin and especially those who are likely to travel in Europe and visit the places of historic interest related to Calvin.