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The Editorial

'There's a church in my life'

During November the European Union’s Lisbon treaty was finally ratified. Without any kind of public referendum on this in the UK, a great deal more power has been ceded to Brussels.

John Benton

But beyond the politics, what kind of entity is the EU spiritually? Some have warned us of the power of Roman Catholicism behind it all. But if a recent trip to Paris is anything to go by it is far worse than that. The same spiritual deadness of secularism, which manipulates all public life here (from government, through education and the media), seems to hold an even greater sway there. Catholicism in France’s capital shows every sign of being in decline. A poster outside many of the churches of a smiling woman declaring ‘There is a church in my life’ turned out to be nothing more than an appeal to the French public for money. The campaign said that anyone baptised as an infant in an RC church belongs to the church and is responsible to meet the church’s needs. It all looked a bit desperate.