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Protest for prisoners

On Saturday September 12, at 12.30 pm, about 20 people, mostly Iranian, congregated outside the Iranian Embassy. The aim of the vigil was to protest for the freedom of Maryam and Marzieh, who are prisoners in Iran only because they love Jesus.

Telda Peskett

We gathered in the slow lane of Kensington Road, which had been cordoned off. The traffic didn’t feel particularly slow for us sitting on the tarmac just a yard from the wheels of a bus! Men stood against the wall of Hyde Park in support of the praying women sitting or standing in the designated traffic lane. Most women were wearing white with simple headscarves, as requested. I wondered what went through the duty policemen’s minds as they spent nine hours witnessing a protest of absolute passion and determination ... and yet with no sense of anger or outrage, but rather deep peace and joy.