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Scary scholars - frightened freshers!

So the students are returning. It’s late September/early October and they’re taking over the city: the supermarket’s run out of value baked beans and the pubs and clubs are full to bursting.

Vic Hawkins

Some students are at university for the first time, nervously arranged in groups discussing for the 7,000th time what course they’re doing and where they’ve come from. Follow that with a game of who had the most exciting gap year or the best A levels. I have to say, the first day at university almost two years ago was probably the scariest of my life. Yes, for some it’s the most exciting — but for the majority it’s frightening. I felt physically sick for hours on arrival. However, as a Christian, I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was settle in to a good church as soon as possible. I left a loving church I’d attended all my life, came to Sheffield University, and wanted to get stuck in. I arrived in halls on the Saturday and started looking for a church the next day.