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It all started with two well-known and highly-paid presenters behaving very badly on Russell Brand’s Radio 2 show. You can have a look at the podcast on YouTube if you want the exact details but you probably know the gist of them anyway.

Eleanor Margesson

I wonder what you have been most concerned about as the story unfolded. It might have been concern for the victim, the elderly actor Andrew Sachs, whose mobile answerphone received four messages from comedians Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross regarding Brand’s relationship with his granddaughter. Sachs would be quite entitled to get extremely angry and litigious over the whole affair, not only as the victim of a criminal offence, but also because his wishes that the show should not be aired were ignored by the show’s producer. Yet he made the gentlemanly decision not to press for police action or even for apologies, even though this incident will probably feature in all of his obituaries.