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Son of Rambow

Sitting drawing outside another classroom door is Will, a Plymouth Brethren boy, excluded because the rest of his class are watching a geography video and he is not allowed to watch TV of any kind. These two form an unholy alliance, driven by mischief on the part of Lee and fear on the part of Will. Will gets drawn into Lee’s film-making project (for BBC’s old Screen Test). It is the early 1980s and young imaginations are stirred by Sylvester Stallone’s film Rambo.

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Boys who need their dads

SON OF RAMBOW Cert. 12A Director: Garth Jennings

There is more than one kind of dysfunctional family. In this British film, Lee Carter is a classic naughty boy with a classic naughty boy’s face. He is the bane of school teachers and we first meet him when he is ejected from the classroom for misbehaviour.