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4 Corners: Wales

Christ Church, Deeside

Since September 2005 I have been greatly privileged to be the pastor of Christ Church, Deeside (incidentally we changed our name last year from Deeside Evangelical Christian Church). We are situated in a Welsh border town not too far from Chester.

Martin Downes

The church was planted in 1975. I am the third pastor in the life of the church, following in the footsteps and building on the work of Peter Milsom (now director of UFM) and Alan Davey (now a UFM missionary in Bordeaux). I have come to Deeside full of ambition for the gospel and grateful that my family can be part of the church here. As I reflect on the local area I often think of the words of the missionary Henry Martyn, ‘I could not bear it if Jesus Christ were not glorified’. That must be our heartbeat as a congregation.