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4 Corners: Northern Ireland

Ballymoney Baptist Church

Ballymoney is about 45 minutes by car north of Belfast towards the North Antrim coast. The church started in 1984 with just two families. The rooky pastor and wife were Steven and Gail Curry. Before going, comments on the situation from various people were not positive. Within three weeks of arrival Steven received a call to go to another church! But Steven stayed and, starting with a home Bible study with the two families, the fellowship grew. A church was constituted in September 1986 and a building was erected on the outskirts of Ballymoney in 1992. The church has grown steadily and now, with around 140 people in attendance, is looking to add an extension.

EN was able to talk to Steven Curry in May.

EN: Can you describe what is happening in Northern Ireland from a Christian point of view?