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The Editorial

Rhys and Jamie

Rhys and Jamie

Even before late August’s tragic incident of the murder of little Rhys Jones in Liverpool by a teenaged gunman, politicians were talking of ‘breakdown Britain’.

John Benton

The Bible spells out certain fundamentals on how fallen human society works. It therefore enables us to foresee the future. Anyone using God’s Word could have predicted what would happen to our land years ago. In fact they did. Back in 1971 many Christians came together in London for the Nationwide Festival of Light to warn the government which had presided over the permissive society and the ‘swinging 60s’. But their warning was ignored. Now we are reaping the harvest. It is not just gangs and guns on our streets. There are, as we all know, epidemics of family breakdown, drug culture, binge drinking, teenaged pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, gambling addiction, abuse of the elderly (and terrorism).