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The Da Vinci Code, the film

It certainly has no right to be a turkey — £120m of financing from Sony Pictures, key stars such as Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno and Paul Bettany, and a well regarded director, Ron Howard. But the truth is that the film is nowhere near as exciting to watch as you may have thought it would be.

Adrian Reynolds

No fun whatsoever

THE DA VINCI CODE Director Ron Howard Cert. 12A

‘Seek the truth’ is the strapline of The Da Vinci Code film. Amazingly, many people will think they have found truth in the celluloid of this movie, despite the fact that the film has been almost universally panned by critics. Mark Kermode, reporting on BBC News 24, said that it was ‘no fun whatsoever’ and that he would be ‘surprised if there was a duller film this year’.