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Making the right move?

We’re moving house. And boy, is it stressful!

Not only was finding the new place a total slog, but also having to think about nurseries, schools, safety, and so on made me wonder why we really wanted to move at all. Why did we want to move? Why does anyone want to move?

Elisa Beynon

Often it’s for reasons like wanting a bigger house or to be closer to work or schools or family and friends. Some-times it’s wanting to live in a safer or more relaxed environment. And all these considerations have their place. But, for the Christian, what should be the primary motivation for moving house or area? What should be the guiding force in deciding to relocate? Or, if through a change in circumstance, work or otherwise, we have no option but to move, how do we decide where to live? To begin to answer that question we need to look at some key biblical principles…