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Charlie is a typical student. His mop of unkempt hair hides an enquiring mind.

The Third Degree Pod Bhogal

When he isn’t watching daytime TV, or attending one of his twice-weekly lectures, he likes nothing better than partying with his pals in the Students Union, where the beer flows freely. Dancing together, ankle deep in spilt drinks with the sweaty hordes might not be your idea of a good night out, but for Charlie it’s probably the best wash he’s had in weeks. And don’t let his image scare you off; Charlie wants to talk. He wants to know how he can help his friend Anna, who has an eating disorder. And how he can deal with the suffering his family is going through as a result of his mother being diagnosed with bowel cancer. So, he wants to meet you for coffee, to talk about how Christian hope might be able to give him some hope.