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The Editorial

The God of small things

While we can rejoice in all that God is doing through big churches — and we have an article about large Anglican congregations in this [December] issue — many Christians involved in smaller churches need encouragement.

John Benton

In a world dominated by the idea that only what is big is worthy of attention, we often need to remind ourselves that we have a God who delights to choose the weak, the lowly and the despised things to shame the huge and glamorous (1 Corinthians 1.27, 28). Where would you start if you planned to begin a way of salvation which would span all of history and reach a fallen world? God decided to begin with one old man and one old woman — Abraham and Sarah. God’s strategy often takes us by surprise. It has lots to do with faith and the Holy Spirit, and little to do with numbers and state of the art equipment. So the truth is that God can and does use small churches, small services and small evangelistic events.