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The Editorial

Rewriting history?

On May 5 the General Election saw Tony Blair returned for a third term as Prime Minister. This will be the first time that a Labour Government has ever enjoyed three consecutive terms in office. Thus Mr. Blair’s place in the history books is assured.

John Benton

Like many others I am not too displeased with the outcome of the election. With a greatly-reduced majority the country showed its displeasure with Mr. Blair, and he seems now somewhat chastened and humbled by the experience. Humility in leadership is never a bad thing. But there has already been quite an outcry from rebel Labour backbenchers, blaming the electorate’s lack of trust in the Prime Minister for the haemorrhaging of Labour’s vote and for Mr. Blair to step aside, as he reportedly promised, in favour of the Chancellor Gordon Brown. Whether this will happen, only coming days will tell.