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The Editorial

Conference consumers?

It is around this time each year that the Christian conference season bursts upon us, and thousands of evangelical and charismatic Christians go off to various seaside holiday complexes for worship and teaching, fellowship and fun.

John Benton

My own experience of these events in the past has been on the whole very positive. It is not often that many of us get the opportunity to hear gifted expositors like John Piper or John MacArthur, or Alistair Begg from the USA. Bible overviews, (usually from gifted young Anglicans), have opened up the Scriptures as never before for some people. Then there is usually some kind of arena in which missionary societies, Christian publishers and community projects have their stalls and capture our interest. Probably most encouraging of all is seeing Christians of all ages, students, young families and elderly, all mixing and praising God together. Wonderful.