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Bribery and corruption

Imagine yourself as a Christian student. You have worked hard for three years; you have just passed your final exams. But, before he recommends you for a degree, your professor demands a bribe. Do you say this is the custom of your country and pay up, or do you remember that the apostle Paul spent two years in prison rather than pay a bribe to the Roman governor for his release?

Fred Catherwood

I met a girl at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) European conference in Hungary last year, who had to make the choice of re-taking her course or paying the bribe. She had had excellent marks, but was in tears because she knew she had to try again. 'They don't dare to demand a bribe the second time.' She was not the only one facing the problem of bribery. The room of students who wanted to discuss the problem of bribery was packed.