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That Friday feeling...

So what do you write about in your first youth ministry column? It could be all about big strategies and how we look at the big picture and there will be some of that later - promise! But for many of us in youth ministry the most pressing need is the week-by-week demands placed on us in maintaining our ministry. That Friday (or Sunday) feeling of knowing that there will be a group of students waiting for us whether we like it or not. And the last time we met them things didn't go to plan - some listened but others were on another planet.

Youth Leaders Dave Fenton

In the years I have taught and led young people, the chapter in the Bible I come back to so often is 1 Thessalonians 2. Paul was defending his actions, having left the city in a hurry (Acts 17.5 ff), and was anxious for the new converts to get the support they needed. This chapter reveals his motives for doing things and should help clarify ours.