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The theft from Greece of the blonde Helen (the face that launched 1,000 ships) by Paris, prince of Troy (Orlando Bloom), is actually just an excuse for war. The real motive behind the conflict is the Greek king Agamemmnon's desire for domination. His trump card is the rebellious Achilles (the blonde Brad Pitt), lightning fast and invincible in battle. Why is Achilles eventually persuaded to go to fight for the king he despises? It is that he might carve out a name for himself which will go down in history.

John Benton

The blonde leading the blonde

TROY Cert. 15 Director: Wolfgang Petersen

There is a deep desire for immortality in the human soul, placed there by God. The theme of this film, loosely based on the story of the Trojan wars from Homer's Iliad, is that by battle and victory men strive to earn for themselves empire and everlasting fame.