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Richard Simpkin interviews Graham Kendrick

RS: People know you principally as a songwriter, but ultimately you're a Christian first, so can you tell us how God drew you to himself?

The Music Exchange Richard Simpkin

GK: I had the advantage of Christian parents - my father was a Baptist pastor. When I was about six, my mother was reading me a bedtime story which included within it an explanation of the gospel in a way that a child could understand. When she finished the book, she asked me if I wanted to follow Jesus, and I remember going off to another corner of the room and praying. I remember being surprised that I felt as if something had exploded in my heart. I had no expectations - I was just praying, but I know something had happened that was significant. I believe that was the first conscious decision to say, 'Yes, I want my sins forgiven, I want to be a Christian.'