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Finding Nemo

I never thought I could identify with a fish. But, of course, these characters are not fish, they are people dressed up as fish. And they are people of our time. They are vulnerable and damaged, and I mean those words, as folk generally do these days, in the emotional sense. Many are traumatised, they have a variety of syndromes and they are in touch with their feelings. All this is presented as extremely positive: therapy culture rules.

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Fish & quips

FINDING NEMO Cert. U. 1 hr. 44 mins. Pixar

This latest offering from Pixar does not disappoint: it has the wisecracks, the characterisation, the pathos, the chase and the brilliant computer generation which we now take for granted. The setting is the depths of the ocean in the environs of a coral reef, where, of course, the film writers did not have to invent the range of extraordinary creatures and the spectacular colours. Someone Else did that first.