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Monthly column on student work

Emma Carswell, the regular writer of this column, is on her honeymoon. I am sure that even the most enthusiastic reader will forgive her absence in the circumstances. I had the pleasure of being at the wedding where Roger Carswell preached with an enthusiasm and directness which only the father of the bride could have pulled off. Rico Tice, who was conducting the wedding, told me he almost became a Christian (again).

Nigel Pollock

Weddings always bring into focus for me what student ministry is all about. I believe that the effectiveness of any student ministry is seen most clearly in the quality of its graduates. The end point is seeing young men and women making the transition into the workplace with a love for the Lord and a passion for the gospel. Many start as students with a better idea of what they don't want to be like as parents, partners and workers. The challenge is to give them a positive vision of what God could do in and through them.