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Relating to those of other faiths?

1 We should not conceal aspects of our faith so as to avoid criticism or disapproval, and we should not ask others to do that. We believe it is just and loving to point out publicly the errors of other faiths, provided this is done with sufficient evidence that the sacred writings or representative spokesmen of those faiths do indeed express these errors. We must strive not to misrepresent other faiths, as that is not only disrespectful but also undermining of our own credibility.

John Piper

2 We should acknowledge our sin and desperate need of salvation by a crucified and risen Saviour, and not posture ourselves as worthy of salvation as if we had superior intellect or wisdom or goodness. We are beggars who have, by grace, found the life-giving bread of truth, forgiveness, and joy. As we expose the errors of other religions, we should feel and express sorrow and compassion for those who do not embrace Christ so as to be saved.