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Two Men went to War

It tells the strange story of two men from the Army Dental Corps, at Aldershot, who, frustrated by their lack of involvement in front-line warfare, went absent without leave one day in 1942 to invade the continent on their own. Sgt. Peter King (played in the film by Kenneth Cranham), then 55 years old, and Pte. Leslie Cuthbertson, then 20, took a train to Cornwall, stole a boat from a fishing village, and went across to occupied France, cut telephone wires and blew up a railway line and a signal box with their grenades. On the return journey their boat was damaged by a mine, and they drifted back to Cornwall half-starved to be arrested as suspected German spies. The cinema version inevitably embroiders the facts a little, but not outrageously.

John Benton

Drill for victory!


This is a film which you might have difficulty seeing. According to The Daily Telegraph the weekend it opened it was only screened at six cinemas in Britain out of a total of 3,100. Why? Is it something totally outrageous? No, it is actually a gentle comedy based on a true incident from World War II, which, apart from its fairly florid language, has more of Dad's Army about it than anything else.