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All right here

The brilliant thing about All right here is that, starting from this world-weary, troubled viewpoint, Sara Groves presents the reality of a holy, loving God. On the album there are tracks about surrender, about the peace Jesus gives, about prioritising God in our busy everyday lives: it is, at its best, a testimony of how God affects real life. The opening track, 'Less like scars', has the chorus: 'And I feel you here, and you're picking up the pieces, forever faithful/seemed out of my hands a bad situation, but you are able/ and in your hands the pain and hurts look less like scars and more like character'. It is an honest encouragement to trust God through tough times and, in faith, to see him as the answer. Another great track is 'You cannot lose my love', a very moving song about the Lord's unfailing love. Some of the purely secular tracks are less helpful, but those that aren't are a lovely testimony to God's goodness.

J G Carruthers

Beating Time

ALL RIGHT HERE By Sara Groves Sponge Records

A first impression of this CD said quirky yet cool female solo artists: all at once deliciously self-indulgent and yet not really very edifying. The whole angsty, me-versus-the-world demeanour found in such music appeals to my adolescent side, but I know it doesn't help when one is trying not to conform to the pattern of this world any longer. Anyway, as I said, these were my first impressions. I wasn't entirely wrong. Sara Groves definitely has her Fiona-Apple-cum-Alanis-Morrisette moments.