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Strange but true

I found it hard to believe. Americans I mentioned it to also found it hard to believe. But, nonetheless, it was true.

Letter from America Josh Moody

Terrorist Grand Marshall

The Grand Marshall chosen for this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Rockland County, New York, was a convicted IRA terrorist. This celebration - the second biggest in the State - attracts 40-65,000 spectators. It is only outsized by New York City itself which draws two million visitors. The Grand Marshall was to be one Brian Pearson. Brian Pearson is a former IRA member who served 12 years in prison in Northern Ireland for driving the getaway car after the Royal Ulster Constabulary barracks were bombed in 1975. Mr. Pearson came to the US illegally but gained political asylum status in 1997. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS) is, apparently, appealing and reviewing his residency status.