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A corn of wheat dies

On February 3 37-year-old Bruce Morrison was about to give an English lesson in a church hall in Wuchang, Hubei province. A madman rushed into the room and stabbed the young American. He was taken urgently to hospital but was found to have died.

Norman Cliff

His wife Valori was advised of the incident and came with her six daughters to the Outpatients Department. En route she spoke quietly to the children about the attack and the family resolved to forgive whoever had done this. When they reached the hospital Valori Morrison was informed that Bruce was dead. She said to her daughters, 'Your father has gone to be with Jesus. He is asleep in Jesus's arms.' Turning to the medical worker she said, 'Please contact the killer and tell him that the family has forgiven him and will be praying for him.' Some of the students who had witnessed the murder were at the hospital, deeply upset by what they had witnessed. Valori reminded them of Christ's words that if a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies it brings forth fruit.