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The Time of Your Life

'The Time of Your Life' is a series of quick-fire sketches performed by four actors in a masterly way. Opening with a hilarious (and very accurate!!) family day out at Alton Towers, the first half took us through a series of punchy, funny, but also challenging sketches mainly about . . . the various times of your life. A discussion about the big bang, a striking piece comparing our preparations and expectations for birth, marriage and death, and a prodigal child from a Glasgow housing estate. Never a dull moment.

Ian Parker

'The Time of Your Life' . . . is described as 'the striking new review show' from Riding Lights Theatre Co. It is actually performed by the Riding Lights Roughshod Company, which is one of two Community Theatre Groups run by the company with the aim of taking life theatre into every type of venue including prisons, schools and community centres.