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Women hold up half the sky

Tearfund is hoping that many hundreds of churches will celebrate the role of women in some of the poorest Third World countries, and also give and pray for women facing an uphill struggle to overcome poverty. 'It is sobering to realise that women make up half the world's population and earn just 10% of the world's income', said Dr. Elaine Storkey, Tearfund's President.

This year's Tearfund Sunday is titled after a Chinese proverb: 'Women hold up half the sky, but it's the heavier half'. The Tearfund resource pack for the day, which can also be used on any other occasion such as Mothering Sunday, includes a video focussing on women in Ethiopia and a 16-page activity guide with prayers, a drama sketch and background materials to help the whole church family focus their praying and giving to help needy women.