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Tyndale Old Testament Commentary - Isaiah

So I am the person who is meant to read it. But am I allowed to review it? After a little wrestling with my conscience, I have thought it right to proceed. If we are to wait for a full review by a Hebrew scholar, it will be the next millennium before it appears. But can we wait? The reduced offer for UCCF friends is open for a short period. People want to know if they should buy it.
What, then, are my credentials? Is there any weighting for expectancy? How have we managed for the last 40-odd years? Have I ever heard a series preached on Isaiah? The answer to the last question is: 'No'. I possess the two volumes of sermons on Isaiah Chapters 1 and 5, but I had moved from London and Westminster Chapel by the time the Doctor preached these in the flesh.

John Marsh

This book is by Alec Motyer and is the last of the series. The first Tyndale Old Testament Commentary (TOTC) was Kidner on Proverbs. In that volume, Donald Wiseman's first general preface said the aim was for 'students and serious readers'. In the TOTC Psalms, the aim was a bit more specific, 'to provide the student of the Bible who has no specialised training in biblical theology or history of languages with a handy up-to-date commentary on each book'. In this final TOTC, we are back to the serious Bible reader.