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Hospitality with a smile!

Your children are away for the weekend and you have decided not to cook a 'proper' meal but take a day off and have beans on toast for Sunday lunch. Your husband, a hospitable chap, sees a new family in the service and invites them home for lunch with no prior reference to the cook! Does this sound familiar?

Jennifer Watkins

In Genesis 18, Abraham received some surprise visitors, and without so much as a 'please', he told Sarah to hurry up and get a meal. We are not told how she felt about his request, but it is clear that she did as she was asked. The question of how to react when faced with our modern-day equivalent scene made an interesting Bible study for me recently. How would you react? Leave it to some other church member to do the inviting? Panic and get your husband to tell the visitors his wife is suddenly unwell? Go home and cut the pork chops in half, seething with resentment?