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The general plot is that, stifled by the stiff and arrogant manners of her upper-class background, beautiful Rose (Kate Winslet) is sailing back to America with her brutish but rich husband to be. By contrast, Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio), the poor, young, boisterous but noble artist, has won a ticket on the maiden voyage at a game of cards. He saves Rose from a suicide attempt, as she thinks of jumping from the stern of the great vessel, and the rest is fairly obvious chemistry. No points awarded for guessing the ending?

Dr John Benton

Sinking the unsinkable

TITANIC Director: James Cameron Cert. 12

You need to take your sandwiches. This is a long film. Beginning in the present day with high-tech underwater treasure-hunters searching the wreck, being helped by an ancient female survivor, it tells her love-story on the voyage which ended in the world's greatest maritime tragedy, the loss of the Titanic in 1912.