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The life and death of Mr Badman

In November 1996, I was present at the graduation service of the Bible Institute in the notorious Bellavista prison, Medellin. One of the graduates should have been Juan Carlos Londono, former right-hand man of the infamous drug baron, Pablo Escobar (killed by police in Medellin in December 1993). However, Juan Carlos had been murdered inside the prison several weeks earlier. It was deeply moving to see his wife, Gloria, also now a Christian, receive the diploma on his behalf, and to hear her poignant words.

Robin Dowling

Below are three items translated from the Spanish that show the tremendous work that God did in this 'Mr Badman' and which he has been doing for a number of years through the prison ministry of the Seminario Biblico de Colombia, led by Jeannine Brabon, Lacides Hernandez and Oscar Osorio.