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It very loosely tells the story of Maria Eva Peron (born Duarte). In the film she is born in some country place and follows a suave singer (Jimmy Nail, would you believe?) to the Buenos Aires. Actually she was born in Buenos Aires in 1919. Illegitimately born of the mistress of a well-to-do man, she is excluded from her father's funeral by his family, and thus the grudge against the middle classes becomes the motivation behind her life. The consummate opportunist, in the city she chooses a number of sleazy liaisons with men to climb a ladder leading eventually to a successful career as a radio actress.

Dr John Benton

Evita, cert. PG Produced by Alan Parker

A new nine-screen cinema has just opened in our town. From the large menu of films on offer we chose to see EVITA, the 1970s Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical now brought to the big screen and starring Madonna.