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101 Dalmations

Fast-moving, slick, romantic, technically brilliant, it was worth £3 of my money. Of course, the sight of 99 puppies at play, plus two proud parents, is enough to get the sentimental jowls all a-slaver. Indeed, in an age in which we have become increasingly cynical about our own kind, it is tempting to turn to the animal world as a substitute for the emotional warmth which is so often lacking in human relationships.

Malcolm MacGregor

101 Dalmatians Cert. U Disney

Since eight years ago we obtained the dubious position of puppy walkers for Guide Dogs for the Blind, we have played our part in the training of seven dogs for the association - this may have made us 'editor's choice' to review the latest Christmas blockbuster from the Walt Disney stables, or should we say, kennels, 101 Dalmatians.